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For Foodies

If you are a food traveller, then regions like Crete, the Peloponnese and Northern Greece, will touch your heart. Abundant with seasonal fresh produce ranging from watermelon, figs, grapes, cherries in the summer to oranges, mandarins, almonds, walnuts and fruit compotes in the winter and countless vegetables the year round, the food in Greece is made with the freshest possible ingredients.

Greek summer tables are filled with sumptuous vegetable dishes of stuffed green peppers, eggplants, zucchini and tomatoes, or braised okra and green string beans and of course, the ubiquitous Greek salad. Get your Greek recipes and book your culinary tours with Bond.

Sultry red wines and sharp crisp whites will titillate your palate in every wine making region of Greece. Reservation at an up-market restaurant with signature dishes created for traditional Greek terroir wines – Bond, the food travel planner, will book it.

Start with a DOC ouzo from the Island of Lesvos, accompanied by a wonderful piquante spread of starters or finish with a semi-sweet wine, from the islands of Samos or Santorini, with dessert.

Explore the Land

Organic food tours with Bond take you to monasteries that make their own cheese, honey, wine in the middle of – you guessed it – nowhere. Bond, the experienced food travel planner, will get you there and book for you into a charming guest house nearby, complete with a full Greek breakfast.

Fruity, buttery or peppery – by far the best in the world, cold pressed, Greek virgin olive oil – smell it, taste it, buy it. Depending where you are, Bond will find you an olive oil estate with tours and tastings – a refined way to start the day, or try ending it with a tour of a vineyard and a tasting.

Olive oil estates in GreeceMediterranean dietFood Tasting with Bond in Greece
Olive oil estates in GreeceMediterranean dietFood Tasting with Bond in Greece