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Destination Proposal & Engagement

Bond Keeps its Promises

Bond promises unique destinations for magnificent proposals and luxury engagement planning in Greece. Engaged under a sunset. A spectacular destination filled with positive energy, Greece the ultimate landscape for lovers who agree to tie the knot in the clarity of this light. An epic proposal of marriage – on a Greek island – standing knee-high in the salty blue Aegean.

Can you propose marriage and do it on the edge of the most beautiful destination, a cliff hanging like a luxury bridal train down the side of the mountain, onto the Aegean. Can you stand in an ancient village with cobblestone walkways and flagstone paths that wind among stone homes on the side of a mountain, and ask the centuries-old question.

Yes, it can be done by Bond, the event planning minds of Greece.

Engagement planning in Greece, an orchestration of the most beautiful moment in a couple’s life becomes a memory creator with Bond in Greece. The blue of the sea, against the blue of the sky. Sailing in Greece, custom travelling by Bond, on a luxury yacht. Try and imagine when Bond organizes a proposal or an engagement in the stunning simplicity of a Greek archaeological site or in an ancient Greek theater. Bond creates a life event around a marriage proposal, one that lasts forever.

Every tedious detail imaginable is refined and steeped in luxury from conception to execution.  Bond wraps extraordinary dreams into memory creators, a moment there, forever.

Family Reunion and Celebrations

Celebration in Greece

Family Reunion, a Tight Bond

A family reunion is the culmination of many lives as they have intersected over the years, through laughter, love and tears. Family, is the essence of what each member, of each family, has lived individually and shared as a group.

Family reunions bring us together as an entity. Distance, time and obligations are overcome and replaced with the reminder of the importance of keeping the family in touch and intact.

Family reunion planning in Greece – Bond will create a great event, for all the generations present to take home with them, as a keepsake of what family represents.

Graduation Party Makes the Mark

Graduation caps in the air, kick off your shoes and party. You have earned it. All that time, head buried in books, studying late nights, and agonizing over making the mark.

Another knot in the silk thread, although this one is an individual success.

Choose a location that suits your mood and invite the gang. This is a party, like no other.

Bond will help you throw that party, and it will be extraordinary.

Birthday! Make it Sensational!

At it again, another birthday! But for some reason this one is special.

Party planning in Greece, invite your loved ones – friends and family – to blow out the candles with you. Treat them to an unforgettable birthday party that will be etched in your mind, too.

We all love being pampered on our birthdays, and we at Bond, will indulge you and spoil you in style. Give us the idea and we will make it happen.

Anniversary & Renewal of Vows

Invitation for Greece

The Perfect Blend of Creativity…

Which anniversary is it – 10, 20, 30, or more – what does it matter? It is a moment of gratification, a feeling of accomplishment that calls for celebration and an anniversary planner in Greece.

It is acknowledgement of one to the other, and an expression of love.  Wedding anniversaries are like the knots in the fine silk threads that help us bind and appreciate our time, together. Most often, couples like to celebrate in style, with friends or family, or both. Many see it as a gift they give each other, to be shared with others. What richer moment than in Greece, the breathtaking views and landscape, always there as a reminder.

…and Custom

Renewing of wedding vows is a unique and personal gesture that allows married couples to celebrate their married years together and to renew their commitment to one another. Renewal of vows can also be associated with a special wedding anniversary.  It can also be the prelude to a party or a celebration.

Renewal of your vows can be done at any stage of the marriage. Above all, it is a couple’s personal expression of the commitment and love they feel toward each other, regardless of the time that has elapsed. Bond is a company that understands commitment and we dedicate our full attention to you and your spouse. We want to establish an understanding of you as a couple; your tastes, desires and dreams.

The intimacy of the vows and the ambiance of the setting in Greece, will reflect the total harmony that you have as a couple, and you will glow. Greece is not only for honeymoons. It is serene and dramatic at the same time, and welcomes all couples, everywhere.


Christening in Greece

A Baptism by Bond is Unique and Greek

A time of absolute joy for parents, grandparents and other siblings, the baptism is the moment when we welcome the new member of the family into our faith and give him/her a name in the presence of family and friends.

The invitations, the church, the reception, the gifts for the children present the baptism planning. Are all part of a consistent motif – one of joy and purity. A Bond baptism brings in vibrant colours and decorative symbolism, in a totally original style, that is uniquely Greek, to create the backdrop for the baby, and for its admirers to herald this new life.

The baptism initiates your baby to a life adorned by celebration with family and friends.  Your baby’s baptism in Greece, is a testimonial to life.

Destination Wedding

Luxury Weddings in Greece

The Marriage Ceremony: Original Creations by Bond

A sense of mystery and magic is the dominant mood of marriage ceremonies and wedding receptions. In fact, in Greek, the marriage ceremony is often referred to as “The Mystery”.

As a company, Bond, takes wedding planning in Greece most seriously.  The Greek Orthodox ceremonial quality has had a long tradition. The bride and groom wear floral crowns, symbolizing the conviction that as husband and wife they are kings and queens of creation.

We can arrange marriage ceremonies of any denominational faith. We provide you with a list of legal documents needed, in order to marry in Greece, and assist you in processing them.

“Many see the wedding day not as the place of arrival but the place where the adventures really begin”.

The Wedding Reception

For Bond, wedding planning in Greece among other things, means exclusivity, luxury and beauty. We search out the venue; whether outdoor, indoor, seascape, mountain view, country vernacular, vineyard elegance, rural estate, modern, traditional or urban chic. One of the differences in Bond wedding planning is that it is Greek. The light, whether during the day or at dusk, and the natural hues, create a canvas with a Greek signature.

What you See, you will Love

The look and feel of your wedding in Greece with Bond, is woven into every element possible from floral design, colour themes, tableware, candles, decorator accessories, fabric texture to photography.  As wedding planners, we shape your individual style into every feature of the wedding with creative flair. As wedding planners, we listen, we care.

Life Events

Social Events Planning, Greece

Life events are like the knots in silk threads that stretch out before us. We run our fingers over the knots.

We look forward to them and we look back on them. We hesitate, and recall details of colours, places, and faces – an integral part of our lives.

At Bond, we believe that life events are those that we reserve for families and friends. We can assist you in creating and planning luxury social events, as if they were our own. We can ensure that your guests will share in the day as it unfolds – whether it is a wedding, christening, family reunion, graduation, anniversary, birthday or renewal of vows.  Your guests will always remember you and the spectacular days of varied events that you offered them, in Greece.

The choice of your location in Greece is as personal and individual as the kind of private event you have envisioned.  If you have already decided on the perfect spot, Bond will tailor the event in such a way as to ensure a smooth flow and unfolding of the day, in harmony with the particular Greek character of the location and landscape. Be it a Greek island for your wedding or a Greek Byzantine Church for renewing of wedding vows, Bond will be there.

Otherwise, we can offer suggestions for prime locations, based on your preferences and individuality.

We feel that detailed personal event planning and seamless execution are key to enabling you to live and fully enjoy your own event with the same anticipation and excitement you felt at the start.

We offer this peace of mind, and take on whatever is necessary to ensure that your personal event inspires and remains as precious as it is.