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FIT travel, Greece

If you are alone, with friends, couples, or a group we are pleased to design a foreign individual travel (FIT) trip for you to Greece. Travel planning in Greece with Bond.

If you have special interests such as golf, gastronomy and wine, archaeology, modern art, yoga and meditation, or surfing, Bond can design and tailor a Greek travel itinerary. Experienced in luxury travel planning in Greece, Bond anticipates every detail and feature imaginable.

Simple luxury and relaxation on a chartered yacht with a full service crew and skipper – a personal odyssey on the Aegean – Bond can plan it.

… all this and heaven, too!

Tours for Art and Archaeology Buffs

Greek Archaeology

Check out the modern Greek art scene. Bond will arrange a private showing and art tour in a small private gallery for the eclectic ones in the group.

Greece defines the word, archaeology. Archaeology tours in Greece take you to countless, magnificent sites and world-class museums of pre-classical and classical Greece, everywhere. Archaeology tours by multilingual professional guides, just for your group, are available as well. Thematic museums, nautical, musical instruments or folklore, are found in every corner of the country.

Bond will book your tickets for ancient Greek theatre plays at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus under a full moon or for music and dance performances under the Acropolis. Even the smallest towns and islands boast music and dance festivals of high quality every year.

For Foodies

Food & Wine Tasting in Greece

If you are a food traveller, then regions like Crete, the Peloponnese and Northern Greece, will touch your heart. Abundant with seasonal fresh produce ranging from watermelon, figs, grapes, cherries in the summer to oranges, mandarins, almonds, walnuts and fruit compotes in the winter and countless vegetables the year round, the food in Greece is made with the freshest possible ingredients.

Greek summer tables are filled with sumptuous vegetable dishes of stuffed green peppers, eggplants, zucchini and tomatoes, or braised okra and green string beans and of course, the ubiquitous Greek salad. Get your Greek recipes and book your culinary tours with Bond.

Sultry red wines and sharp crisp whites will titillate your palate in every wine making region of Greece. Reservation at an up-market restaurant with signature dishes created for traditional Greek terroir wines – Bond, the food travel planner, will book it.

Start with a DOC ouzo from the Island of Lesvos, accompanied by a wonderful piquante spread of starters or finish with a semi-sweet wine, from the islands of Samos or Santorini, with dessert.

Explore the Land

Organic food tours with Bond take you to monasteries that make their own cheese, honey, wine in the middle of – you guessed it – nowhere. Bond, the experienced food travel planner, will get you there and book for you into a charming guest house nearby, complete with a full Greek breakfast.

Fruity, buttery or peppery – by far the best in the world, cold pressed, Greek virgin olive oil – smell it, taste it, buy it. Depending where you are, Bond will find you an olive oil estate with tours and tastings – a refined way to start the day, or try ending it with a tour of a vineyard and a tasting.

Meditation in Greece

Meditation in Greece

Greece is a natural location for mind-body healing. A spiritual journey through centuries of thought and soul permeate the soil for many who find solace here.

Yoga and meditation retreats in Greece are plentiful. They reverberate with the energy of the land that surrounds them. A serene landscape and strong rock formations are the natural props that aptly support the work going on within. Spa facilities can lighten the body and mind after a long day.

Monasteries for inward meditation retreats in Greece – Bond will procure the permit and you will meet and live with monks who have chosen to live in seclusion on Mount Athos in one of its many monasteries. Few choose this journey, few have returned unchanged.

Natural hot springs occur in many parts of the country. They are great therapy for muscular and skeletal complaints. Bond can arrange for visits to specialized spas that have natural hot springs on site as well.

Adventure Travel

Adventure in Greece

Wind-surfing, water-skiing, bungee jumping, paragliding, sea kayaking, snorkeling with monk seals, swimming with dolphins or scuba diving in the deep blue, adventure travel in Greece, has it. Trekking, climbing, hiking everywhere – can you make it through the Samarian Gorge, in a day.

To dream of sailing on the Aegean, in a private yacht, is no longer a dream. Anything is possible and Bond will charter and outfit your yacht for the Greek islands.

Ports of call with great restaurants and buzzing bars, natural harbours to drop anchor for an afternoon swim, deserted beaches for nude sunbathing, antiquities on the horizon – you chart the course, the crew will get you there.