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An Insider’s View

Professional travel planners

An Insider’s View is a preview of spaces and places that stretch from the Aegean to the Ionian Seas. An invitation to foray over magnificent mountains in the northern mainland, wander through olive groves in the southern Peloponnese, and come alive with the scent of mastic trees in Chios.

Keep going and meander through medieval fortified towns perched on mountain sides or visit Venetian strong-holds on the Mediterranean Sea. From north to south choose any season and revel in the colours and scents that infuse so many different landscapes.

Bond invites you to sign up for regular views and news on the amazing beauty of Greece. We feel that this newsletter, An Insider’s View, will literally lighten your day hopping from the Cyclades to the Ionian Islands, from the iconic blue & white postcard Greece to the shutter – shy corners of islands with populations of fewer than 500.

Travel off the beaten path with Bond and share our personal views of Greece, filled with surprises and moments that few travellers have known. Bond invites you to step into the real and profound space of Greece’s beauty.

An Insider’s View, is a great way to introduce you to the stunning beauty that is Greece. This is only a prelude to your visit and to travel planning an event in Greece, that we may one day host for you.

Enjoy your subscription to An Insider’s View, compliments of Bond.


FIT travel, Greece

If you are alone, with friends, couples, or a group we are pleased to design a foreign individual travel (FIT) trip for you to Greece. Travel planning in Greece with Bond.

If you have special interests such as golf, gastronomy and wine, archaeology, modern art, yoga and meditation, or surfing, Bond can design and tailor a Greek travel itinerary. Experienced in luxury travel planning in Greece, Bond anticipates every detail and feature imaginable.

Simple luxury and relaxation on a chartered yacht with a full service crew and skipper – a personal odyssey on the Aegean – Bond can plan it.

… all this and heaven, too!

Business Events

Corporate Events in Greece

Corporate events and projects are a distinct area of expertise at Bond. Partnering with Bond, in organizing your business event, is an understanding of perseverance and trust. We feel privileged to undertake your most demanding project. Bent on success, Bond is able to conceptualize your company’s strategy and goals. We focus on detail until every single aspect of the event is successfully accomplished.

Bond has built a competitive portfolio of high-profile projects and events that were strategically planned and overall, highly successful.

By choosing Bond for your business event in Greece, you are investing in our business spirit, decades of cumulative experience and knowledge, and in our winning record of projects with multinational companies and multicultural teams.

Whatever the nature of the business event, from conferences, annual meetings, award ceremonies, team building retreats to incentive travel, Bond can manage the event. Whether the event has a high corporate profile, strong media component, corporate sponsorship demands, involved conference proceedings or employees enjoying incentive travel benefits, Bond is on site for you.

From venue selection, initial mailings, site inspections, locating speakers, online registration, delegate correspondence, to gala dinners, Bond has the capacity and experience to handle the full scope of requirements, on time and within budget.

Bond will guide you in choosing the best among the many conference sites located in Greece that can accommodate and move large numbers of visitors easily and skillfully.

Corporate Event Planning in Greece

By choosing Greece, you invest in a land of inspired opportunity. Can you picture a corporate event in an incredibly beautiful setting that might be 20 to 40 minutes away both from Athens and the Athens International Airport. For example, imagine you are perched on the sea, close to the Temple of Poseidon for the sunset visit, a salt air breeze during coffee breaks and enjoying the fresh catch of the day for dinner.

Regardless of where you are in Greece, there is typically a striking mountain nearby, dense with pines and evergreens, and almost inevitably, an aqua sea view.  Otherwise, you may be in the “postcard Greece” of white-washed homes, stacked like sugar-cubes into stark mountainsides, edged onto the electric blue Aegean.

Not to mention, there is usually an archaeological or heritage site, and a quaint village chock-a-block with eateries offering traditional Greek food and local wine, for the foodie traveller.



We would love to hear from you. Email us with your ideas and set your event or travel story into motion or get in touch by phone.

You are just one step before your next great adventure.

Life Events

Social Events Planning, Greece

Life events are like the knots in silk threads that stretch out before us. We run our fingers over the knots.

We look forward to them and we look back on them. We hesitate, and recall details of colours, places, and faces – an integral part of our lives.

At Bond, we believe that life events are those that we reserve for families and friends. We can assist you in creating and planning luxury social events, as if they were our own. We can ensure that your guests will share in the day as it unfolds – whether it is a wedding, christening, family reunion, graduation, anniversary, birthday or renewal of vows.  Your guests will always remember you and the spectacular days of varied events that you offered them, in Greece.

The choice of your location in Greece is as personal and individual as the kind of private event you have envisioned.  If you have already decided on the perfect spot, Bond will tailor the event in such a way as to ensure a smooth flow and unfolding of the day, in harmony with the particular Greek character of the location and landscape. Be it a Greek island for your wedding or a Greek Byzantine Church for renewing of wedding vows, Bond will be there.

Otherwise, we can offer suggestions for prime locations, based on your preferences and individuality.

We feel that detailed personal event planning and seamless execution are key to enabling you to live and fully enjoy your own event with the same anticipation and excitement you felt at the start.

We offer this peace of mind, and take on whatever is necessary to ensure that your personal event inspires and remains as precious as it is.