Kastellorizo: The dream

At the most Southeastern point of Greece and actually at the point where Europe ends, sits Kastellorizo, a small island of 250 inhabitants. Kastellorizo Island is part of the Dodecanese group of islands in the Aegean Sea. It is 120 kilometres east of its nearest Greek neighbour, Rhodes and only 2.5 kilometres south of the coast of Turkey.

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Santorini: Exploration of wine and vine

Away from the crowds, breathe in Santorini’s unique flavours and the many bouquets of its wine. Savour a sip of Vinsanto, drink to the sunset in Oia, walk on the Red Beach for the pebbles reflected red in the sun. Stunning indigenous varieties have taken the international wine community by storm, from Nykteri, Assyrtiko to Thirasia, their mineral quality has become one of the most sought after elements in white wines, today. They remain untouched through time, like a walk from Perissa to ancient Thira.

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Folegandros : Hora, one of the seven most beautiful villages in Europe

Folegandros is a tiny, white washed gem in the Cyclades chain of islands. When you arrive by boat you meet the main port, Karavostassi, a warm, horse-shoe shaped bay, a few clicks away from Hora.

Hora, the name given to all the capital villages in the Cyclades it is built on the edge of a sharp cliff. The village of Hora has been ranked as one of the ‘’seven most beautiful villages in Europe’’ **!
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East Pelion: A land blessed by nature, art and history


Traditional manors in Pelion are easily recognized by an architectural detail – small rooms on the upper levels of the manors decorated with ornate windows that protrude just slightly – the sachnisia. They were formerly the summer rooms and guest rooms. In all the villages of Pelion, the sachnisia are visible. The views from these ornate windows confirm the magic that springs from the wells and the abundance that bursts from the soil.

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Kea: Stepping stone to the Cyclades

Kea, Cyclades Greece

Kea belongs to the Cyclades group of islands. Also referred to as Tzia in everyday Greek, the Island of Kea is a one-hour boat ride from the Province of Attica. Athens is the capital, not only of Greece, but also the capital of the Province of Attica. Kea is conveniently located, cosmopolitan and relaxed at the same time. Many Athenians have summer homes there, because of its proximity to Athens. An ideal island destination for a short weekend jaunt on a yacht. Kea is a blend of craggy coastline and rolling hills.

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Chios: The splendor of the mastic island

Chios sits supreme on the Northeastern Aegean Sea and exudes a mastic-scented air of a rich history and tradition in each and every one of its many and unique villages. This history of wealth and power is most visible in the region of Kampos, a distinctly beautiful area, situated just south of the capital of the Island, Chios town.

A myriad of citrus orchards swell among the stately mansions, an amalgam of architectural styles from Byzantine, Ottoman, Genoese, Venetian and Classical. Today, many of these historic mansions welcome visitors and offer genuine traditional hospitality of high quality.

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Monemvasia: Time travel to a fortress above the Mirtoon Sea

The solid rock of Monemvasia

Rock. Nothing else. The wild fig tree and the ironstone. An armed sea.Yiannis Ritsos, Monovasia 1974.

You enter the imposing fortress-like town from the bridge, one step more and you are in the past. Following the narrow, cobblestoned walkways inside the fortified town of Monemvasia, 100 metres above sea level, you have now boarded for time travel. The small peninsula of Monemvasia, above the Mirtoon Sea, divulges its history starting from the Byzantine era and on, when it was the heart of mercantile shipping. It was impenetrable and remained so, as its invaders changed from the Byzantines, Venetians to Ottomans.

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