Business Events: partner with Bond

Corporate events and projects are a distinct area of expertise at Bond. Partnering with Bond, in organizing your business event, is an understanding of perseverance and trust.
We feel privileged to undertake your most demanding project. Bent on success, Bond is able to conceptualize your company’s strategy and goals. We focus on detail until every single aspect of the event is successfully accomplished.
Bond has built a competitive portfolio of high-profile projects and events that were strategically planned and overall, highly successful.
By choosing Bond for your business event, you are investing in our business spirit, decades of cumulative experience and knowledge, and in our winning record of projects with multinational companies and multicultural teams.
Whatever the nature of the business event, from conferences, annual meetings, award ceremonies, team building retreats to incentive travel, Bond can manage the event.
Whether the event has a high corporate profile, strong media component, corporate sponsorship demands, involved conference proceedings or employees enjoying incentive travel benefits, Bond is on site for you.
From initial mailings, site inspections, locating speakers, online registration, delegate correspondence, to gala dinners, Bond has the capacity and experience to handle the full scope of requirements, on time and within budget.
Bond will guide you in choosing the best among the many conference sites located in Greece that can accommodate and move large numbers of visitors easily and skillfully.

By choosing Greece, you invest in a land of inspired opportunity. Can you picture a professional event in an incredibly beautiful setting that might be 20 to 40 minutes away both from Athens and the Athens International Airport. For example, imagine you are perched on the sea, close to the Temple of Poseidon for the sunset visit, a salt air breeze during coffee breaks and enjoying the fresh catch of the day for dinner.

Regardless of where you are in Greece, there is typically a striking mountain nearby, dense with pines and evergreens, and almost inevitably, an aqua sea view.  Otherwise, you may be in the “postcard Greece” of white-washed homes, stacked like sugar-cubes into stark mountainsides, edged onto the electric blue Aegean.

Not to mention, there is usually an archaeological or heritage site, and a quaint village chock-a-block with eateries offering traditional Greek food and local wine.

Conferences & Annual Meetings
As part of our repertoire, conferences stand apart, because we have managed so many with delegate numbers ranging from 100 to 3,000.
To host a conference is a long –term undertaking. Delegates should feel that they have received value for money. Bond can provide you with quality service and a quality venue, top organization—all the components that reinforce the value- for- money equation.
The conference can be structured in order to complement its thematic significance.  The manner in which it is shaped; meaning the calibre of the speakers, parallel workshops, and plenary sessions, as they dovetail together, form an integral conference experience around the theme.
Careful organization of the spaces, breakout sessions, hiring of experienced facilitators and rapporteurs, quality equipment, top-notch interpreters, proper signage, quality of meals—even the coffee breaks are important, because the sum total of these elements form the conference experience. Even the most cynical conference-goers will be converted.
In addition, Bond can mould the media component in advance, during and after the conference. Years of professional experience with the media ranging from media conferences, media packages, to media relations are essential to a conference that needs high visibility. Corporate sponsors on site also require separate handling.
Delegates always appreciate an efficient conference secretariat from the business centre, conference documentation to one-on-one meetings. And the spousal programme promises to be a big hit, regardless of your choice of location in Greece.
Making time for a vacation in Greece, after the conference, Bond can assist in the full planning and implementation.
Pre-conference, during the conference and post conference: no glitches or details left unnoticed. The delegates will be back next year.
Award Ceremonies, Team Building Retreats & Incentive Travel
Award ceremonies have a lot of  ‘glam’ content such as the lighting, stage props, media exposure and entertainment. Bond has created and staged award ceremonies for many kinds of clients in Greece.
Of course, Greece has a location advantage for award ceremonies. Using the drama of a seascape as a backdrop could enhance any event.
The positive energy associated with team building can be felt in plenty areas of the country. Appropriate venues for such an exercise are easily available, with a great ambiance, balanced with structure and comfort.  During free time, the participants have access to a full range of activities, outside the hotel.
Incentive travel is in a category of its own. What better destination than Greece for members of the firm to feel their merit. Bond will organize entertainment, tours or side trips and whatever is on the agenda, in venues designed and selected for guests to enjoy each day and well into the night
Incentive Travel & Team Building Retreats