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Planning Powerful Memories in Greece

Bond is a company dedicated to bespoke event planning in Greece.

The kind of events that Bond manages, include life and business events. Bond has termed “life events” as those social events that connect us to our personal lives, such as weddings, christenings, renewal of vows and anniversaries.

Business events include conferences, product launches, award ceremonies and incentive travel, among others.

Last, but not least is the wonderful world of leisure FIT – foreign individual travel for one person and small groups. Personal itinerary for every hour of every day designed by you, planned and coordinated by Bond, in Greece.

Greece is home for Bond. Its offices are based in Athens, and Bond does event planning anywhere on the Greek map. Bond will show you the real and profound side of Greece, one that few have met.

In Greece, celebratory events are serious business. No event is  without ritual or rite. The business event you have wanted to launch with colleagues or the wedding you have longed to host for friends and family, will find a haven in Greece. Greece’s mood alters with the angle of the light, the colour of the sea and the slope of a mountain. Greece is made up of hundreds of islands, protected wildlife areas, pristine waters, Byzantine churches, chapels perched on the edge of sea cliffs, and elegant 19th century town halls in rural areas. Ancient temples and theatres, and archaeological museums can be found almost anywhere.

Many ancient archaeological monuments have been classified under UNESCO’s protected heritage sites. Greece’s Mediterranean diet is on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. Incredible wineries, wine-producing monasteries or olive oil estates make a superb setting for event planning in Greece.

Greece is the culmination of all the beauty that the senses can muster at one time.

You really, only need two things: destination Greece and a proposed event.

Bond, event planning in GreeceLuxury and Exclusive Events in Greece
Bond, event planning in GreeceLuxury and Exclusive Events in Greece